•   Company Mission

    To improve the mobile subscriber experience worldwide.

  •   Where are company offices located

    P.I.Works headquarters are located in Istanbul, Turkey. In the USA, we have sales and technical offices in Pleasanton, CA, and Reston, VA. In the EU, we have an office in Bucharest, Romania and in Singapore, a base for supporting customers in the APAC region. See contacts page for details.

  •   History

    P.I.Works was founded in Gebze Turkey in 2005.

  •   Customers

    P.I.Works customers are a who’s who in top tier Moble Operators world wide. We have deployed our solutions to 30+ Mobile Network Operators, impacting over 500+ million subscribers worldwide.

  •   Team

    P.I.Works team includes world-experts in RAN optimization, data analytics experts, who know everything there is to know about performance and configuration data stored in the network across numerous vendors, and world class Program managers to ensure solutions are deployed effectively.


  •   Solution Summary

    P.I.Works provides mobile network performance improvement solutions, which include both software tools and services. Our purpose-built network monitoring and automated Self-organizing network (SON) optimization tools give a unified view on all mobile radio technologies in LTE, VoLTE, GSM, UMTS, CDMA and WiFi. Data from all major Vendor’s equipment are integrated. P.I.Works also provides network assurance services, including managed services, which deliver quality improvements. P.I.Works' expert team of network engineers bring with them our tools to lower mobile operator costs, to get the most from existing capital expenditures and to improve subscriber experience.

  •   uSON

    uSON is a centralized automated network optimization solution. Adaptive learning algorithms are coordinated centrally to manage improvements to complex heterogeneous networks (HetNets).

  •   uSON PM

    uSON PM is web-based, performance monitoring and reporting solution for Radio, Core and Transmission network as well as other custom sources like planning data, IN, and VAS systems.

  •   uSON Inspection

    uSON Inspection is an advanced, easy-to-use tool for in-depth examination of the radio network with root-cause analysis functions and open-loop optimization letting you see the network in the way you want.

  •   uSON-powered Managed Services

    P.I.Works provides Network Managed Optimization Services, allowing your network to be managed to specific KPIs over time. This turnkey service targets all aspects of network audit, planning, performance monitoring and optimization of complex heterogeneous networks including RAN, CS/PS Core, and Transmission network optimization

General questions

  •   uSON unified Product Family

    The variety of different tools to perform different actions on different network elements makes it very difficult for mobile operator’s engineering staff to identify and resolve problems manually. The unified uSON tool chain automates network engineering workflows across all network elements showing results in near real-time.

  •   SON Automation

    SON solutions have matured in methods to represent and act on deep knowledge of the radio access network. Network parameter modifications and rollback algorithms have improved based on rich statistical models of KPIs. SON offers learning algorithms to improve accuracy over time. SON reduces the need to hire more engineers, and increases the accuracy of the applied solutions with the same amount of engineering staff. SON solutions can drive and sustain high network quality by finding improvements not immediately visible to even an expert eye.

  •   Centralized SON Optimization

    Centralized Self-organizing Network optimization (C-SON) provides a unified view of your complex HetNet KPIs across access layers, technologies, and vendors as a basis for making smart optimization decisions. In contrast with Distributed SON (D-SON), C-SON tools gather data from all network elements and manage Inter-technology (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, VoLTE, WiFi) interactions in near-real time. C-SON takes optimization actions over groups of nodes without n2 communication inefficiencies of D-SON (every node talking to every other node). For D-SON functions best implemented in a distributed manner (like ICIC), C-SON can parameterize and manage the execution these D-SON functions on vendor equipment.

  •   Multiple SON functions

    The following 3GPP-defined SON functions are supported: Mobility Robustness Optimization (MRO), Coverage & Capacity Optimization (CCO), Mobility Load Balancing (MLB), Cell Outage Detection & Compensation (CODC), Energy Saving (ES), Complementary ANR (cANR) PCI Opt, Root Sequence Index (RSI) planning.