A new P.I. Works Patent Drives Innovation in Mobile networks

P.I. Works has been continuously researching ways for adding new capabilities to its centralized SON (self-organizing network) solution to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers, and proactively contributing to the research on emerging technology concepts. As a result of these efforts, the U.S. Patent Office recently awarded P.I. Works Patent # 9,503,919 – Wireless communication network using multiple key performance indicators and deviations therefrom.

This innovative patent addresses important areas in the practice of real-world Self Organizing Networks. It defines new approaches to identifying and correcting coverage, capacity, and performance problems in mobile networks.

This invention improves the performance of complex networks using automated anomaly detection techniques that is iterative and enables continuous improvement in network quality. For example, in order to maintain a mobile session, any mobile device has to traverse from once cell in the cellular network to another based on the established handover methods. If this process is not executed successfully, it will cause call drops and other disruptions in the mobile session. The patent suggests leveraging various mobility parameters to be monitored and modified on a real time basis to ensure robustness of the mobile session, while taking into account other performance metrics that are not related to mobility, which results in superior service quality as compared to traditional optimization techniques.

M. Başar Akpınar, CEO of P.I. Works, said “P.I. Works will continue to support research activities that will drive evolution of the mobile network architecture and transform its centralized SON platform, uSON, in line with the emerging needs of the mobile network operators.”

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