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P.I. Works Joins the SON Conference: The Drive for Self-Aware Networks

The 8th annual Self-Organising Networks Conference is being held in London with in-depth SON discussions and use cases on 16-18 October 2017. With its strong focus on transforming networks and improving mobile service quality, P.I. Works joins this important event as the platinum sponsor to showcase how Centralized SON delivers tangible benefits to mobile operators worldwide.

The shift towards software defined, service aware networks is taking the challenge to a whole new level for mobile operators. Managing costs and improving service quality while building a new network architecture that will meet the demand for low latency, high bandwidth promised by 5G require automated orchestration of the entire network. cSON will be instrumental in driving the evolution of mobile networks through automation and self-orchestration. It will also be of strategic importance for overcoming the challenges brought by the growing network complexity.

In order to help operators become successful in their 5G journey, P.I. Works provides HetNet aware closed loop and open loop SON capabilities, and delivers network-wide visibility on network performance by moving beyond the radio access network. P.I. Works also focuses on driving subscriber-centric operations by combining the customer experience and network data, so to deliver tailored SLAs to specific customer groups.

In order to learn more about our vision of the “Self-Aware Networks”, please join our panel on October 17 at 10:10 am. The key discussion points of the panel are outlined below:

- Current methods for managing volume and complexity brought by network densification
- Using backhaul-aware SON for increasing efficiency in HetNet Optimization and Management
- Driving self-awareness in mobile networks with predictive SON
- Achieving successful CEM and SON integration

In a separate session on October 17, Turkcell Group will talk about the P.I. Works cSON project and how this project serves the greater vision of Turkcell’s network densification and 5G strategy.

For more information about the event agenda please visit

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