P.I. Works to Present Role of C-SON in 5G Evolution at IWPC Workshop in Madrid

P.I. Works joins IWPC workshop “5G New Radio Evolution Towards 2020″ hosted by Telefonica on May 23 – 25 2017 in Madrid, Spain. Participants will explore the 5G radio access network design, 5G technology evolution, regulatory challenges, and standardization. In a dedicated session on May 25, P.I. Works will deliver a presentation and provide perspectives on how C-SON (Centralized Self Organizing Networks) improves network capacity, coverage, and mobility management in 5G. The presentation will also focus on how operators can better manage complexity and cost associated with the adoption of 5G.

The needs for higher cell capacities, improved end-user data rates, and increased operational efficiency will accelerate 5G deployments. 5G offers an enormous potential for both consumers and businesses by enabling delivery of high speed, low latency mobile services such as ultra HD multimedia streaming, 3D Virtual Reality, and smart industry applications (e.g., smart home, smart store, connected cars.). It will lay the foundation of a full scale internet of things, where billions of devices will communicate with each other autonomously. The 5G architecture will have a fundamentally new design to boost wireless capacity utilizing new frequency bands, advanced spectrum efficiency, and seamless integration of licensed and unlicensed bands.

P.I. Works vision is that C-SON will be a key 5G enabler for extremely low latency performance and advanced network orchestration capabilities, based on the on-going deployment of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). C-SON will also facilitate other technology advances brought by 5G, such as massive MIMO and advanced small cells.

P.I. Works helps mobile operators during this transformational journey by leveraging C-SON to manage increasing complexity, improve the quality of services, and lower cost. If you want to learn more about how C-SON will accelerate path to 5G using automation, come and join us in IWPC workshop. For more information on the workshop, please visit https://goo.gl/zncrmw.

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