P.I. Works joins Horasis Global Meeting to Discuss the Future of Technology

P.I. Works joins Horasis Global Meeting to Discuss the Future of Technology

P.I. Works joins the annual Horasis Global Meeting, one of the world's foremost gatherings of business and technology leaders as well as government officials. The event will be held in Cascais, Portuguese, on 27 – 30 May 2017 under the theme “Building Togetherness” with the attendance of more than 300 selected world leaders from 70 countries. 

P.I. Works, a global leader in mobile network management and optimization, joins the event to provide perspectives on how technology improves people’s lives and accelerates business transformation and growth. Mobile technologies have been one of the driving forces of transformation due to the explosion in connected devices and exceptionally growing mobile data traffic. Evolution of mobile communication and introduction of 4G presented the opportunity to experience high quality voice and data services as well as ubiquitous access to information. 5G will help mobile operators redefine the mobile user experience in a way that we never saw before. It is going to revolutionize mobile communication by offering high speed, low latency wireless communication services. Immersive applications such as 3D virtual reality and ultra HD TV will emerge and industry business models will be disrupted. 

P.I. Works CEO and co-founder Başar Akpınar says “Over the last two decades, the advances in mobile technologies created new global opportunities for individuals and businesses. Technology innovation cycles are shortening and new technology disruptions are ahead. Mobile technologies, particularly 5G, will be instrumental in driving global technology and business transformation. Mobile operators will need smarter networks to unleash the full potential of mobile services and deliver a fully immersive user experience.” 

You can join P.I. Works panel on May 28 and learn more about how “mobile technologies” will transform business models and revolutionize user experience.

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P.I. Works is a leading provider of next-generation mobile network planning, management and optimization solutions. P.I. Works combines field-proven expertise with a commercially available product portfolio and services. These solutions empower Mobile Network Operators to accelerate network transformation, improve network quality and subscriber experience while lowering their costs. P.I. Works has deployed its solutions at 47 mobile network operators in 35 countries.
P.I. Works also plays an important role in the development of key industry standards that define the future of mobile networks. P.I. Works actively contributes to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standardization forum, Global TD-LTE initiative (GTI) and open source initiatives.


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