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    Unified. Intelligent. Impactful.

uSON is the Go-to-Platform for mobile network planning, management and optimization. It uses machine learning algorithms to orchestrate the mobile network and makes it smarter through automation.

Broad Macro / Small Cell Vendor and Technology Support

Closed Loop and Open Loop Modules, AI Powered

Fully Customizable as per the Customer Requirements

Faster Implementation, Field Proven Results

uSON, the Go-to-Platform

Centralized SON

An Effective Way of Automating End-to-End Network Management towards 5G

P.I. Works provides the industry-leading automated multi-vendor, multi-technology network optimization solution. Automated configuration management and adaptive optimization algorithms are coordinated centrally to manage performance improvements in complex heterogeneous and shared networks. The solution yields and maintains improved subscriber experience with increased data throughput, while minimizing network management costs. 

Key Capabilities
  • Proven track record in delivering strong coverage and capacity improvements in Tier 1 mobile networks globally.
  • Guaranteed mobile user experience driven by advanced data correlation capabilities, utilizing internal and external data sources including backhaul access networks, customer experience management systems and geolocation systems.
  • Significant business benefits delivered via fully automated, 24/7 closed loop operation. 
  • Open-loop and semi-automated capabilities also supported.
  • Improved accessibility and reduced capacity failures in Het-Nets through unified network performance planning, management and optimization.
  • Flexible, microservice based architecture for high scalability and for managing complex, growing Het-Net environments with fully virtualized functionalities.

P.I. Works Centralized SON offers the most comprehensive capabilities and features that are already field proven in Tier 1 mobile operators worldwide.

Centralized SON is the best choice of mobile operators for providing;
  • Guaranteed throughput improvement for more responsive applications, higher streaming capabilities and reduced connection loss.
  • Proven OpEx and CapEx reduction through automation, leading to increased productivity of your team and improved utilization of deployed infrastructure resources. 
  • Increased NPS (Net Promoter Score) and revenue by identifying network blackspots and bottlenecks, and resolving KPI degradation issues in a proactive and consistent way. Geolocated call-trace events, crowdsourced data metrics, CEM KQIs, device figures, and customer segment information are utilized to achieve that. 
  • Reduced subscriber churn with proactive and continual approach to minimizing customer complaints. This not only maximizes KPI scores but also to minimizes customer complaints and traffic loss while lowering MTTR (Mean Time to Recover) to network problems.
  • Lower MTTR (Mean Time to Recover) on network outages to reduce traffic loss and customer impact.
  • Increased accuracy and consistency via a centralized approach for the entire radio network with unified multi-vendor and iRAT performance tracking and rollback. 
  • Rapid Het-Net adaptation to support comprehensive network densification strategies and prepare for 5G transformation.
  • Mix-and-Match approach of uSON, centralized SON functions can be integrated with network planning, network monitoring, geolocation, configuration management functionalities. This minimizes redundant investments and streamlines the network operations across all-domains (RAN, Transmission, Core Networks, IT, IN and VAS Systems) with advanced data correlation and interoperability capabilities.
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and Time-to-Impact through rapid integration infrastructure, virtualized environment flexibility, and field proven policy and KPI playbooks which also deliver unlimited scalability and efficiency. 
  • Guaranteed future-proof technology with built-in RAN release upgrades and CSON release support.
Centralized SON helps operators manage and optimize the most complex networks in the most efficient way, orchestrating the entire network on a 24/7 basis to improve the user experience.

Common Features
  • Off-the-shelf technology packages including Ericsson, Huawei, Samsung, Nokia, ZTE and Airspan covering 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. Technology packages include KPIs, reports, alarms, audits, and industry leading SON modules to maximize visibility and impact.
  • Set-and-Forget approach with cognitive site profiling, exclusion management and auto-rollbacking mechanisms. Web based, fully configurable policies make future proof closed-loop operation viable.
  • Shared network support provides secure data segregation and aggregated network management capability.
  • Customization capability of SON modules allows users to configure target cluster, exclusion cluster, scheduling options, action parameters, set & rollback conditions.

Select SON Modules
  • Plug and Play (PnP) offers best initial site configuration including but not limited to PCI/RSI/PSC/BCCH/BSIC codes and initial neighbor relations for rapid and consistent network rollouts.
  • Code (PSC/PCI/RSI) Optimization offers user mobility and cell type aware code planning optimization with two modes of operations; bulk planning and conflict resolution. 
  • Automated Neighbor Relations (ANR) accepts the mobility management policies set from web-user interface and identifies optimum intra-frequency, inter-frequency and inter-technology neighbors, including inter-OSS, inter-vendor borders with call-trace enabled operation.
  • Coverage & Capacity Optimization (CCO) boosts coverage quality and resolves capacity issues with near-real-time actions. While CCO/coverage function utilizes network logs, call-traces, or external system metrics including CEM KQIs, crowdsourced data, RF prediction outputs, CCO/capacity functions resolve power, code, baseband resource congestion and interference issues with vendor specific actions.
  • Hybrid Load Balancing (HLB) module dynamically offloads traffic from heavily utilized cells by intra-frequency, inter-frequency and IRAT traffic steering actions in order to proactively prevent congestion issues and minimize site capacity expansion needs by considering load quality status on target carriers.
  • Mobility Robustness Optimization (MRO) improves the mobility experience of subscribers by resolving the handover problems and ping-pong activities based on the data collected from source and target cells in heterogeneous networks.
  • Automated Inconsistency Correction (AIC) ensures defect-free network configuration and compliance with the golden configuration settings. 
  • Cell Outage Detection and Compensation (CODC) instantaneously acts and compensates the cell outages as well as the sleeping cell and sick cell problems to reduce customer complaints, churn, traffic loss and decrease in MTTR (Mean Time to Recover).
  • Energy Saving (ES) evaluates carrier loads in a centralized way. Based on macro-macro, macros-small cell, inter-technology, inter-band traffic patterns, it automatically turns off/on network elements according to operator’s Energy Saving policy to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.
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uSON Product Family

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Performance Management

Real-Time Network Performance Analytics and Service Quality Assurance

Next generation network performance management product, uSON PM (Performance Management) offers cost-effective and highly-scalable network performance monitoring and service assurance solution for leading mobile operators and telecom authorities. It provides the industry-leading multi-vendor, multi-technology network performance management capabilities for complex heterogeneous and shared networks. 

Key Capabilities

  • Transforms mobile network data into actionable insights, and enables operators to have end-to-end service quality visibility across ‘all domains’ including RAN, Core, Transmission, IT/IN and VAS systems.
  • In excess of 100 off-the-shelf interface adaptors with ready-to-use unified reporting components (KPIs, Reports, Dashboards etc.) resulting in rapid time-to-market.
  • Fully virtualized, cloud enabled architecture removes the boundaries of scalability and lowers CapEx. Long term costs are reduced with our all-inclusive (release upgrade, S&M) support packages.
  • Intelligent performance tracking and alarm mechanisms detect “chronic” and “potential” problems before they impact the user experience, with immediate response by sending email, SMS or directly through user interfaces.
  • Optimized data mediation platform offers best-in-class data processing latency figures and opens door for SON (self-organizing network) use cases through automated network management.
  • First choice of leading mobile operators , offering an intuitive but comprehensive user interface. The solution does not require any advanced programming skills or administration to create or edit reporting components.
uSON PM, the next generation performance management product, is the most trusted solution for mobile operators, owing to its self-service, easy to use reporting and alarm management capabilities. End to end performance monitoring has never been so easy and intuitive. You will have full visibility across the entire network, including access, core and transmission networks.

Next generation uSON PM solution provides the following value:
  • A Multi-domain (RAN, Core, Transport, VAS, IN/IT) end-to-end solution.
  • Realtime monitoring of mobile networks incorporating Het-Net and shared network support.
  • Improved quality of experience in service awareness for  with custom KPI flexibility.
  • Highly scalable solution with lower total cost of ownership based on complete virtualization.
  • Improved accessibility to performance data, anytime from anywhere via web-based user interfaces.
  • Focused multi-tenant dashboards and self-service report creation compiled with a few clicks.
  • Proactive response to network performance issues with self-service alarms and scheduled reporting.
  • Vendor agnostic and technology independent future-proof solution.

P.I. Works uSON PM solution offers intelligent insights related to your network activities, enabling you to make the right decisions and improve mobile user experience.

Product Features
  • Extensive “off-the-shelf” interface adaptors and reporting libraries: Fast integration of any PM module to the network with full functionality is a distinct advantage. It provides significant time to market reduction and improves engineering efficiency. 
  • RAN, Transmission, Core, IN/IT Network support: uSON PM ensures end to end network performance monitoring by correlating data from different domains.
  • PM, CM, FM, CEM, Ticketing, SON data correlation: Solution combines the data from multiple, disparate sources. Analyzed results are reported to northbound trouble-ticketing and network management systems.
  • Web-user interface with advanced reporting and map visualization: Enhanced user experience and reporting functionalities are combined with complex mapping features to ensure comprehensive network performance analysis.
  • Proactive Quality and SLA management with smart anomaly detection: Alarm service of uSON PM tracks all of the managed systems 24/7 and enables smooth network operations
     with proactive and timely alarm notification.
  • Drill-down and roll-up functionalities: PM helps you take preventive proactive actions with precise drilldown and complex rollup functionalities across the reporting infrastructure.
  • Shared network support: Provided from a single platform with advanced data segregation and combination capabilities.  
  • Multi-tenant custom dashboards and flexible user management: uSON PM allows fully
     customizable dashboards for any type of user profile and also user defined custom roles with
     flexible rights, providing user access/rights management in a fully controlled manner.

Product Data Sheets
uSON Product Family

uSON - Performance Management Product Brochure

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Smart Network Planning

Automating Network Design for Value-Driven Het-Net Capacity Planning

The Smart Network Planning product is instrumental in forming your network expansion strategy. It has two core modules; smart capacity planning and smart network design. 

The capacity planning module delivers comprehensive capacity expansion actions. Our smart network design helps you calculate the optimum number of required base stations to meet design SLAs, and find best site locations for rollout or site removal activities including small cells. Consequently, the network performance is improved through targeted coverage and capacity planning. It will also help you to achieve NPS (Net Promoter Score) and benchmark targets at a lower cost.

P.I. Works Smart Network Planning uses predictive AI algorithms and traffic models to create network clusters based on the characteristics of group of cells as well as to forecast network and subscriber metrics. The product helps operators weigh their choices about when and where to upgrade the capacity of network nodes and by how much with a high level of confidence. 

Key Capabilities

  • Customer and revenue centric network planning minimizes CapEx and OpEx while maximizing the ARPU, leading to significant improvement in return on investment (ROI) for new site rollouts and capacity expansion in a centralized, coordinated manner.
  • Centralized online platform with dynamic infrastructure management reduces the need for continuous design and planning, thereby requiring significantly less effort as compared to traditional methods. 
  • Utilization of SON actions logs, machine-learning based prediction, capacity planning actions and correlation of rich data input feeds eliminate redundant investments.
  • The product provides all the data for making the optimum investment decision, resulting in lower long-term network operation costs and reducing customer complaints.
  • Cluster based traffic load modelling, as well as utilization of geolocation and network-element based data sources provides a strong framework for analysis. 

Below data sources provide a strong framework for Smart Network Planning analysis:
  • Radio Propagation Data: Best server and signal strength estimations are captured from external RF propagation tools (Atoll, Asset) as grid exports.
  • Network Logs: Performance KPIs, capacity utilization metrics, fiber backhaul availability, site physical topology information
  • Customer Experience Metrics: Outputs from probe based CEM systems and external Crowdsourced Data systems (Ookla, Rootmetrics, Tutela) allows incorporation of customer centric actions.
  • CRM Data: Customer complaints, Points-of-Interest, VIP zones, showcase locations.
  • Financial Data: Any external data that has element or coordinate information, e.g., site revenue, site installation cost, site operation costs.
Maximize your Return-of-Investment with machine-learning powered correlation incorporating network logs, SON logs, RF prediction systems, geolocation system etc. With a flexible policy management framework, RAN planning becomes more efficient and subscriber centric. 

Discover the value of Smart Network Planning:
  • Optimized network related expenditures with coordinated new site and capacity expansion decisions.
  • Het-Net aware capacity management that drives mobile user experience and reduces customer churn.
  • Automated hotspot identification through smart data correlation, identification of the best cell site locations with the biggest revenue potential.
  • Backhaul-aware planning with full visibility over the mobile network.
  • Predictive traffic analysis to understand the future demand for specific locations. 
  • Granular view of the network traffic on a multi-dimensional heat map.
  • Multi-vendor, multi-technology support; full integration with the vendor OSS solutions.
  • Network slice aware planning for supporting 5G evolution strategy.
Smart Network Planning is a crucial step in the 5G evolution strategy.

Product Features
  • Optimal New Site Rollout Locations: Smart Network Planning proposes the best candidate locations for new site rollouts by accurately identifying traffic hotspot zones.
  • Small-Cell Rollout Locations: Best candidate locations for new small cell rollouts are automatically identified allowing macro traffic off-load for better broadband experience. 
  • Capacity Expansion Proposals: Smart Network Planning is aware of capacity expansion needed to resolve high traffic demand bottlenecks by considering proposed cell site configurations and operator layer management strategy.
  • Site Rehoming Planning: Under-utilized cell site candidates are proposed to be re-homed for increased utilization, CapEx saving and enhanced subscriber experience.
  • Map Based Results Visualization: Users have multi-dimensional view of results for new network plans.
  • Per Element Traffic Modeling: Smart Network Planning is capable of being scheduled to run regularly and propose new plans in a fully automated fashion.
  • Integration with Centralized SON and External Data: Centralized SON action logs are used to shape capacity expansion and new site decisions. Furthermore, it is easy to integrate and correlate with many external data sources.

Product modules
  • Smart Network Design is an online decision support module designed to automate mobile network design activities based on internal and external data inputs based on the user defined design policies. Selected use cases of Smart Network Design is listed below:
    • New macro site / small cell design
    • 5G colocated site design
    • LTE colocated site design
    • 2G / 3G site removal
    • FWA (fixed wireless access) design
    • IoT carrier planning

  • Smart Capacity Planning module automates all network capacity expansion planning activities. It maximizes Return-on-Investment figures while offering service and customer centric infrastructure expansion actions.Smart Network Planning's capabilities include:
    • Hardware expansion (Board addition, DU change, type change)
    • License expansion (User, CE, power license shuffling)
    • LTE / 3G carrier addition / removal
    • LTE sector addition
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Geolocated Customer Data Analytics

Integrated Geographic Information System for End-to-End  Mobile Network Management

Live geo-analytics interface is designed to present multiple layers of geographic and element based data in a flexible way. It allows users to convert enterprise data into actionable insights, improvement actions, and business decisions in order to maximize user experience and net promoter scores.

Geolocated Customer Data Analytics also provides subscriber location intelligence for industrial IoT applications like smart city, public safety, healthcare, thus enabling mobile operators to monetize the big network data.

Key Capabilities
  • Geolocated customer data analytics with on-demand location based user experience monitoring capabilities, using the data from multiple sources. Geolocated Customer Data Analytics unifies different types of data from different sources including but not limited to:
    • Geolocated call trace events
    • Crowdsourced data (including competitors)
    • Cell topology and performance KPIs
    • Customer experience management (CEM) KQIs
    • Point of Interest data
    • Customer complaints
    • Post-processed drive test logs
  • Faster Troubleshooting in voice, data, VoLTE and ViLTE services with comprehensive data correlation capabilities. For example, for the troubleshooting of silent noise, drop or throughput problems in LTE, user enables geolocated VoLTE events, signal quality heatmaps, checks CEM KQIs, customer complaint location, transport network capacity, while considering competitors status from crowdsource data metrics in single interface.
  • Operational efficiency via highly scalable, functional and live interface, coupled with a rich set of features such as thematic coloring, data filtering and serving distances.
  • Reduced drive-tests with the utilization of geolocated call-trace logs, crowdsourced data system outputs and prediction outputs.
  • Mobile operator benchmarking with advanced charts based on real-user quality metrics collected from user applications, without any drive-test.

Geolocated visualization of mobile network data helps mobile operators save time and cost, while accelerating the decision making process for enhancing customer experience.

Geolocated Customer Data  Analytics offers the following values: 
  • Reduced subscriber churn and better understanding of user experience via generating an accurate interpretation of the network and the customer data.
  • Provides intensive analysis capability for different business units in a mobile operator, such as radio network and investment planning, network operations, radio optimization and marketing teams.
  • Identifies coverage holes, provides inputs for Het-Net Planning and Hotspot Identification.
  • Vendor and technology agnostic user experience.
  • Enable operators to benchmark themselves against their competitors.
  • Independent assessment of the success metrics during SWAP and Roll Out procedures. 
  • Customer experience aware network optimization to significantly reduce Walk Test / Drive Tests.
  • Capability to integrate and correlate multiple third party data sources.
  • Offers scalable and flexible focus zones from network-wide to region or cluster based.

You can visualize your customers’ experience through advanced correlation capabilities, and integrate the Geolocated Customer Data Analytics with P.I. Works Centralized SON. The product takes customer experience aware actions in an automated manner. 

Product Features
  • Advanced Mapping Feature for Visualizing Customer Experience: Ensures better user experience for mobile users even in the most problematic locations. Tracing the combined data on map view guarantees the best user experience by overlaying each action and measurement on the actual network.
  • Concurrent, Correlated and Layered Visualization: Data retrieved from different sources are correlated and visualized on the same map view to allow complex multidimensional analysis.
  • Configuration Based Data Sources: With a flexible configuration based structure, any location based data source can be easily incorporated into the Geolocated Customer Data Analytics product. 
  • Pinpoint and Heatmap Formatted Representation: Users can introduce new data representation formats with just a few clicks, with autonomous legends and selective colors and shapes. 
  • Advanced Summary Charts for Intensive Analysis: Analysis charts are used to interpret data distribution and indicate the quality metrics based on multiple data sources.
  • Flexible Benchmarking: Comparison based on quality metrics is available for configurable benchmarking items such as service provider, phone brand. 
  • Crowdsourced and User Application Data Analysis: This functionality overlays measurements of signal strength and quality metrics with coverage measurements. The data displayed on the map provides the results at a street level.

Product Data Sheets
uSON Product Family

uSON - Geolocated Customer Data Analytics Product Brochure

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RAN Tuning & Troubleshooting

In-depth Examination and Optimization of the Radio Access Network

RAN Tuning and Troubleshooting product is an advanced, easy to use product for in-depth examination of the radio network with root-cause analysis functions and open-loop optimization letting you see the network in the way you want. The product leverages the performance management metrics and checks the configuration conflicts for managing the handover actions of the troubleshooting module. 

Key Capabilities

  • Driveless RF environment visualization with customizable analytics charts provides improved network visibility. Histogram features shows the distribution of signal strength, signal quality, serving distance, CQI and other metrics for any selected cell or cluster.

  • Advanced Map features provides faster root cause analysis with thematic coloring, filtering, neighbor visualization, TA (timing advance) visualization, kml import, street view, site survey data browsing c.

  • Worst Cell Analysis is fully supported with ranking conditions across PM, CM, call-trace metrics, with both map and histogram based visualization.

  • Drive-test and Customer Complaints Analysis is painless; simply click on the problematic cells and see the all quality metrics and configuration parameters including Level-1 and Level-2 relations.

Quickly identify the problems and implement tuning actions in the radio network by leveraging the deep-dive analysis capabilities of the RAN Tuning & Troubleshooting product.

RAN Tuning & Troubleshooting product ensures;
  • Faster integration and time to results along with the reduced engineering cost.
  • Visualization and management of cells on a map.
  • Driveless tuning which leads to fewer drive tests while optimization of your network.
  • Reduced customer churn via better quality of service for the subscribers.
  • Detailed neighbor analysis up to level two neighbors, more effective analysis of the colocated cells.
  • Call trace processing capability.
  • Multi-vendor and technology agnostic algorithms for 3600 analysis of your radio access network.

RAN Tuning and Troubleshooting product is designed for customers who want to have a visualized view of the network and manually manage the improvements for superior service quality. 

Product Features 
  • Detailed root cause analysis: KPI trend analysis on a map and histogram gives you the most accurate information about the network quality. 
  • Neighbor analysis with per neighbor performance statistics: Correlation of configuration management, planning, drive-test and trace data highlights the problems in the RF environment and cell to cell settings. 
  • Troubleshooting: Network issues are detected even before it affects the customer experience. The product utilizes the near real-time network inputs, including UE measurements, call traces, performance management counters, and configuration management data. 
  • Rich map visualization: Map visualization feature provides location based service analysis capability which is powered by the measured coverage distance (TA or PRACH). 
  • Built-in technology packages: GSM, UMTS, CDMA, WiMAX, LTE, TD-LTE and LTE-Advanced integration packages provide multi-technology optimization capability. 
  • Drive test file interface support: Thematic mapping on CM, PM, Trace and planning data provides full visibility on the radio network performance.  
  • Cell visuals coupled with the street view experience: In order to produce actionable insights, cell images and street view experience are provided on top of the configuration and performance indicators.

Product Data Sheets
uSON Product Family

uSON - Ran Tuning & Troubleshooting Product Brochure

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Configuration Management

Smart Parameter Audit and Configuration Assurance for Heterogenous Networks

The purpose of the uSON CM (Configuration Management) is to establish and maintain the integrity of the network parameter settings. It offers cross-technology and cross-vendor configuration parameter analysis functions including historical change detection, configuration audits, golden parameter compliancy checks. It directly reduces OpEx through reductions in resource-intensive troubleshooting activities such as drive testing and cell base optimization. It also ensures defect-free network operations and minimizes customer complaints proactively.

Key Capabilities

  • Identification of the network quality improvement areas through automated review of the configuration inconsistencies.
  • Time saving by eliminating routine manual checks, freeing more time to invest on innovative business activities.
  • Rapid integration of the off-the-shelf audits with multiple vendor technologies.
  • Consistency checks with end-to-end network audits with reference equipment parameters.
  • Golden parameter configuration function for consistent network operation.
  • On-demand and scheduled audit reports.
  • Inconsistency elimination on borders.
uSON CM provides increased transparency over your network parameters for the efficient tracking, management and improvement of your network configuration. 

Configuration Management is designed for;
  • Continuous change management which is achieved through historical parameter tracking.
  • Providing OpEx reduction and time savings with scheduled audit mechanisms and analytical reports.
  • End-to-end network configuration management, spanning radio, transmission and core networks.
  • Enabling a defect-free network for increased Net Promoter Score (NPS) and reduced local complaints.
  • Standardized and transparent configuration management through a vendor-technology independent platform.
  • Proactive configuration management with agile and on-demand golden parameter compliance checks. 
  • Faster root-cause analysis with comprehensive and out-of-the-box audits across all vendors and technologies.

Configuration Management uses the configuration exports for carrying out the network health check. The product tracks and controls the changes in the network parameters that is composed of multiple vendors and technologies. 

Product Features 
  • Multiple Technology Support: Including GSM, UMTS, CDMA, WiMAX, LTE, TD-LTE and LTE-Advanced.
  • Rapid Integration Time: Time to results is approximately 2 weeks with off-the-shelf functions.
  • Multi-Vendor Support: Capabilities span Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Alcatel- Lucent and Samsung and ZTE. 
  • Historical Parameter Change Tracking: Users can easily query parameter changes for a defined time period. These changes can be tracked and traced with just a few clicks. New/deleted parameter queries are also configurable.
  • Distribution Analysis: Parameter values are shown with histograms for the selected network zone and time period.
  • Finder Audits: It recommends the optimum cell configuration based on the policies of the operator, such as finding the best PCI, PSC or BCCH for the selected cell location.
  • Configuration audits: Solution helps you quickly identify the inconsistent configuration parameters for a selected zone such as missing neighbor definition, incorrect external cell definitions, conflicting cell code (PCI, PSC, RSI, BCCH, TCH, BSIC) usage.
  • Golden Parameter Compliance: It maintains the consistency of the network configuration based on operator’s network management strategy.
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uSON Product Family

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Drive leading service quality with uSON®

Worlds leading CEM enabled, backhaul-aware SON platform boosts operational efficiency and user experience by using machine learning algorithms. uSON lays the foundation of P.I. Works solutions and services.   

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